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National Bar Association Know Your Rights

The National Bar Association cares deeply for our community. Our members have prepared informational videos so that our citizens have a better understanding of their rights. Our goal is for our family, friends, and neighbors to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and missteps, victimization due to misinformation, and to positively and effectively exercise their constitutional rights to improve their lives and our communities. Please share our video in your communities including schools, churches, community centers, and other comparable groups.

Predatory Lending

This video is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. It is a tool to help citizens be more responsible when making financial decisions. In regards to lending (for example, home, auto, and consumer), the associated contracts can be onerous and contain unfair business terms. In addition, when our debts far exceed our ability to pay, we encourage our community to cautiously navigate our bankruptcy laws.

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Police Encounters

This video is information, not legal advice, to help citizens navigate police interactions. The content will assist our community in safely interacting with the police. Our intention is for you to be better prepared to handle police inquiries, to better understand key rights, and avoid unnecessary searches. We hope that the video aids in minimizing the stress, tension, and length of police engagement. We want you to make it home!

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Voting Rights

This video is information, not legal advice, to help citizens understand the importance of the right to vote and why voting matters. We intend to ensure that those in our community are registered, ready, and prepared to vote. There should be no obstacle to exercising the right to vote and this video guides to protect your ability to vote.

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Sexual Harassment

This video is information, not legal advice, to help citizens identify, avoid and where necessary, navigate sexual harassment in the workplace. We intend to help our community understand how to conduct themselves in the workplace and avoid interactions that result in actual or perceived sexual harassment. We want those who are victims of sexual harassment to be empowered to respond to and address such inappropriate and illegal conduct.

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